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Because We Care

At Gerbers, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. Take a look at our store policies detailed below to learn more, and reach out today with any questions. We may change our policies from time to time, so please check again between purchases.


We deliver anywhere in South Africa and overseas by arrangement. The delivery fees will depend on your location - we will send you a quote before your order is finalised. We make use of independant courier services. The delivery date quoted to the customer is always seen as an estimated date. Every effort will be made by Gerbers to not delay delivery on quoted date, but unforeseen delays may take place that can be out of Gerbers' control. We promise to try and not let the delay be too long and to keep the customer informed about progress as much as possible.

All our products are manufactured to specified measurement guidelines. We will however provide you with measurements of the products you ordered so that you can ascertain beforehand if the products will fit through entrances and hallways as well as in the space you have set out for it. We are NOT responsible for the products while in transit - any damage to the products will be your responsibility. Risk of loss of the products passes over to the customer or designated person to accept delivery of the products upon signing of delivery note/our copy of the invoice when products are delivered to agreed upon delivery address.

Customers are more than welcome to either make use of their own choice of courier service, or to collect their products from our factory themselves or have their products picked up by someone known to them. Notice of this and the contact details of such person/s should be given to Gerbers prior to collection. 

Customers who choose to collect their own goods in the fore-mentioned manner agree and accept unconditionally that the risk of loss of such products passes to the customer and/or their chosen courier

service/any other person chosen by the customer to pick up paid products as soon as collection has taken place by said person/s. 


Please read through our Returns and Refunds Policy and contact us if you have any questions.

  • All products displayed on this website and sold by Gerbers have been manufactured with care and are subject to strict quality control standards. If the customer is not satisfied with the product and gives notice thereof within seven days of receipt of this product, the product will either be replaced or repaired. If Gerbers is unable to repair the product within a reasonable time period or to replace the product, a full refund of the product will be made.

  • Products that are part of our ranges and have not been customized in any way may be exchanged or refunded within seven days. If the order is cancelled after delivery has taken place a refund will only be done if the goods are in their original condition. Delivery charges will not be refunded and a collection fee will be charged.

  • Customized and bespoke products (especially made for you) will not be refunded or exchanged. We will rectify any errors made on our part regarding product specifications or if the product is found to be faulty.

  • If products are found unsuitable in terms of style or size within seven days of purchase/delivery, we will refund or exchange the products at our discretion - there will however be a collection charge as well as a ten percent handling fee.


Our Policy

We offer a 6 months guarantee on poor workmanship and/or material defects only. Any other damage/defects must be communicated via email to


All prices displayed on the Gerbers website are in South African Rand and VAT (Value Added Taxation) included which is only valid and effective in South Africa. Prices are subject to change and may change from time to time. Prices can be requested and confirmed via email. Despite constant updates and scrutiny, some products may be priced incorrectly. Gerbers cannot be held responsible in any way for any errors emanating from this website. We will notify you before invoicing if a product's price at that time is higher than the price quoted on this website, after which either the price will be adjusted or the order cancelled.

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